eggplant versus love

19 Oct

even though it has no nutritional value whatsoever, i love eggplant.  broiled, stewed, steamed, stir fried, etc.  and all varieties– chinese, japanese, american.  i even love looking at indian eggplant (so cute and little!) although i’ve never made anything with it.

jason, however, does NOT love eggplant.  in fact, he once told me that he hated eggplant.  i gasped in shock and broke up with him immediately.  ok fine, i didn’t break up with him but i made him eat lots of eggplant after that.  he is stuffed with eggplant!  he would never dare say he doesn’t like eggplant anymore, muhahaha.  (although he claims it’s because he ate yucky mushy eggplant growing up, whatever.)

my new favorite way to eat eggplant though, is nasu dengaku, or japanese eggplant broiled with sweet miso glaze.  so yum and goes well with everything!  so whenever i see japanese eggplant on sale at mitwusa or marukai, i always pick up a few and make nasu dengaku!

it’s so super simple to make too.  slice the eggplant in half and brush the surfaces with sesame oil.  then broil the eggplant until it puckers, brush on the sweet miso glaze, and broil it until the miso glaze caramelizes.  the sweet miso glaze is made from mirin, sake, sugar, and white miso paste.  you’re supposed to simmer the miso glaze on the stovetop to cook off the alcohol and intensify the flavor but i always skip this step because i’m lazy like that.  🙂

bon appetit!


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