new computer??

20 Oct

so those of you who know me in RL also know that i’m the geek of the mr/mrsjamar relationship.  jason is so definitely a nerd, but one geeky thing he does is play wow.  the new wow expansion (cataclysm) is coming out soon and we may need to get a new computer for jason since his barely meets the minimum system requirements.

something i’ve learned from working in the computer industry is that you’re actually supposed to replace your computer every 3 years (yes, your computer’s lifespan is only 3 years and of course, that’s when you’re nice to it), so jason is definitely due for an upgrade.  we bought his laptop right around when burning crusade came out so many years ago (2006!) and my macbook is almost 2 years old.

so now we’re thinking …. laptop or desktop?  pc or mac?  if we get another mac, should we get another macbook or should we get an imac/mac mini (i vote for imac)?  if we get a pc, what brand should we get… hp?  toshiba?  sony?

hrm…. decisions, decisions.


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