Sun Noodles

21 Oct

This is Jason posting.

Over the weekend, we bought some fresh ramen noodles made by Sun Noodles Brand.  It contains enough ramen noodles for 2 servings.  It also contains two soup mix pouches for either shoyu, miso or tonkatsu.  We decided to try it out (shoyu and tonkatsu) because it looked exciting and it was cheaper than some of the other fresh ramen noodle packages available at Marukai or Mitsuwa.  Plus I think some of the yummy ramen places we’ve been to in Torrance use Sun Noodles?  Maybe.  Anyway!  We took a break from hot pot and made some ramen last night.  We cut the rest of our chashu, some napa, some corn and some green onions.  Fresh ramen noodles need to be cooked separately and they cook fast!  Be careful not to overcook.  I overcooked the first batch so I ate that.  It was softer than I liked but still yummy.  The ramen we made turned out very yummy!  I consumed all of mine and the rest of the wifey’s when she was done.  I have to say, the ramen she made is pretty darn good.  Taste on par with Santouka here in San Diego.  =D Then again, I am probably biased.  The wifey did not have to do too much flavor addition to the tonkatsu soup mix.  Hopefully the shoyu will taste just as yummy.  I know we’ll probably use this again the next time we want to make our own ramen. =D  I think it was good for it’s price and definitely worth the money.  Better than those other ramen packages that cost $5-$6.  Yum!


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