lando loves his veggies!

23 Oct

lando loves to eat vegetables.  he loves it when we are cutting veggies in the kitchen and he always sits very prim and proper so we will give him a piece.  he doesn’t like leafy parts though, only the crunchy stem part, so he particularly loves lettuce and bok choy and napa, because we’ll rip off the leaves and give him stems.

yesterday when i came home from work, i found him sitting in the kitchen looking up hopefully at a bowl of chopped napa cabbage on the counter.  usually he is super excited to see me and greet me and tries to get me to pick him up, but apparently he loves napa more than me because he completely ignored me when i called!!  it’s so funny but you can basically get him to do anything for a piece of napa cabbage.  he’ll do all of his tricks in series.  so cute!  🙂


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