i love clam chowder.

25 Oct

today we found that lando had learned a new trick that jason taught him, to spin in circles!  except, he can only turn counter-clockwise.  it was pretty funny cause he just can’t spin in the other direction, which is so weird, because he walks in a clockwise circle when he’s “herding” jason or me to the door for his walk.

jason and i had dinner at boudin’s the other night when he had to go to his school orientation.  it’s right next to fashion valley, so he dropped me off and i went shopping and we met up afterward.  we each got “the best of boudin” as usual, which is a combination of your choosing (half a sandwich, bowl of soup, small salad, etc).  we both got soup of course, and half a sandwich.  i strayed from my normal turkey avocado and tried their pesto roast beef (but on multigrain bread) which is absolutely delicious!  jason tried one of their new sandwiches, fra’mani ham and brie, which i thought was just ok.  (what does fra’mani mean anyways?)  but anyways, clam chowder is so yum on a cold night!

we also learned that boudin’s started a frequent buyer card and you get a free loaf of bread every month for a year!  it’s pretty exciting because we like their sourdough bread a lot!

boudin’s is one of our default date places because we both really like it and it’s relatively cheap.  we ate there a lot when we were dating, but now since it’s so far we only get it every once in a while.  initially when we were planning our wedding, one of my ideas was to get box lunches from boudin’s for our reception since i just wanted a casual beachy wedding.  that didn’t happen of course, but i’ll get their box lunches one day for some event that i plan and it’ll be super exciting!


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