26 Oct

i have lots of pet peeves.  some people say my standards are just too high and maybe they are right, but i’m finding that more and more things just irritate me.  (obviously, i need another vacation…)

but how well do you know me??

which is my biggest pet peeve??

1.  when people are stupid
2.  when people are inconsiderate
3.  when people smoke in the vicinity of children
4.  when people are insincere
5.  when i have to repeat myself
6.  when people are illogical
7.  when people are inefficient
8.  when people make decisions but can’t back it up
9.  when people have bad grammar/poor spelling
10.  when people have no idea what they are talking about

people who do several of these things at once usually make it on to my “please fall off the face of the earth because gravity shouldn’t work on you” list.


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