Nidaime Tsujita Tsukemen

29 Oct

This is Jason posting.

This weekend Mitsuwa is having a tasty food fair.  The costa mesa store offered tsukemen!  We stopped by to sample the goodies.  We had the shortest wait ever for one of these fair ramen food because we arrived later than usual.  =D  As usual, we ordered a hanjuku egg to go along with the tsukemen.  The wifey and I both had it.  They offered a ramen version but I elected to try the tsukemen because I’ve never had it.  The wifey adores tsukemen so of course she had that.  The noodles were cooked just right.  They were thick and had a great bite to them.  There was a piece of nori along with a slice of lime.  The tsukemen broth contained green onion slices, menma and chashu slices.  The broth was quite tasty to me.  I loved the hint of spice at the end.  Unfortunately we both thought there was a little too much oil in the broth.  But this did make it much easier to coat the noodles.  The slice of lime went along with the broth really well.  We squeezed it over the noodles and it help cut through the oil.  The menma had a good crunch and was more vinegary than usual.  This complimented the broth as it benefited from some acid.  The chashu was quite yummy though the wifey thought it was slightly overcooked.  There was good flavor to the broth.  I think overall the whole thing was very well constructed.  It was worth stopping by to try it out.  The wifey still likes Ramen California’s tsukemen best.  Still, this was definitely tasty!  You should try it out!  It is there until 11/7.


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