Nantsuttei Tonkotsu Mayu Ramen

31 Oct

This is Jason posting.

We were in Torrance got the chance to try out the Tonkotsu Mayu ramen at the food fair this weekend.  It was super yummy!  It had a really unique taste because of the special ingredient.  This is a tonkotsu ramen with burnt garlic oil added to it.  It’s a black oil added onto the soup.  I have to tell you, this burnt garlic is super tasty in the ramen.  It gave the broth depth of flavor.  You can tell it is garlic but you can’t taste that burnt garlic taste.  Instead the oil imparted a garlicky sweetness to the broth.  Hm, yum!  I really enjoyed just sipping the broth and letting it coat my tongue.  It was delicious. =D  Oh yes, the other stuff in the ramen.  There was a piece of nori, chashu, green onion slices and bean sprouts.  The bean sprouts weren’t overcooked.  The chashu I enjoyed a lot.  There was great marinated flavor.  It was also tender.  The noodles were good with the broth.  The broth clung well to the noodles.  This was worth the money for me to be able to taste something like this outside of Japan.  I can tell you I have not tasted a ramen like this ever.  Man, that burnt garlic oil is some great stuff.  I wonder what delicious things the wifey could produce with that in her hands…


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