Locked Out

3 Nov

This is Jason posting.

Today I went to pick up the wifey.  I asked the house guests if they were going to be there for another 20 minutes.  Ok! They were! Time to pick up the wifey!  I picked her up and then we went to buy bread for our dinner.  Yum Albertsons’s french bread!  We arrive home and wait.  The door is locked.  Did the house guests leave?  NOOO!!! They did!  Oh that’s ok, I have the key.  <shuffle>  Urm, wait.  I didn’t grab the key.  I thought the house guests were going to be at home still. <gulp> AH! We’re locked out!  Quick phone call to Philip and he will come back after dropping Jessica off at her dinner.  So the wifey and I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally a hour later Philip arrives to save the day.  Moral of the story?  Never leave home without the keys.  I’m sorry wifey!  I love you!

In other news, the lando was sad to see Philip and Jessica leave.  He went into the craft room to look for them.  He seems sad.  =D  Lando is so cute.  He loves to see Philip and Jessica whenever he can.  He gets super happy!


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