Hello Kitty Small gifts!

6 Nov

This is Jason posting.

We took a field trip to UTC area to wander around during the lovely day.  We saw a big line near Sear’s on our way to Crate and Barrel.  After we finished browsing Crate and Barrel, I went to check out what the line was for.  Don’t lines of people make you curious?  It turned out to be this truck selling Hello Kitty and other Sanrio products!  Apparently, it was a small gifts truck full of Sanrio 50th Anniversary products.  They had t-shirts, small plush toys, keychains, laptop cases, cell phone cases and many more.  I got a catalog and showed it to the wifey.  She was pretty amused.  Most of the people in line were parents with their young children.  There were also some young adults and probably college level people scattered in the lines.  I looked up this small gifts thing and apparently this truck is on a tour of the US.  It started in SF at the end of October and was in San Diego at UTC on the same day we went.  =D  It’ll be at OC on Sunday.  Pretty neat!  Very girly though.  I wonder if we have a daughter will she love Hello Kitty and the other Sanrio characters?  I  guess we’ll hopefully find out in the future!


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