7 Nov

This is Jason posting.

The other day we ate one of the pomegranates we bought from Zion.  We peeled it and plucked each seed from the casing.  Then we proceeded to eat the seeds.  We watched an episode of CSI while we did this.  We bought thought we shouldn’t eat the seed so we just sucked the juice clean from the seed.  So we both sat and cleaned each seed.  By the time CSI was over, we still weren’t done with all the pomegranate seeds.  O_o  Our tongue were tired and my fingers were getting really dry.  The wifey stopped and I proceeded to just eat the whole seed, juice and seed.  If you put a a bunch of seeds into the mouth at once and munch, you get quite an explosion of pomegranate flavor!  Pomegranate is pretty yummy to eat but it takes awhile.  Then I read a wiki on it.  It said you can eat the whole seed. O_O  Hm, that would have saved some time.


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