i love green beans.

8 Nov

jason can attest to this.  green beans are one of my favorite veggies and i could probably eat them everyday without getting tired of them (a rare feat, as i usually can’t eat things several meals in a row without getting frustrated).

i love them either dry-fried chinese style or steamed (in the microwave) and stir fried with some butter/salt/pepper.

costco often sells giant bags of haricot verts in their refrigerated section (two lbs for $5.49, which isn’t super cheap but they’re so yummy!) and they’re one of our mealtime staples.  the last few times we’ve been to costco they were out, and it’s quite sad (for me).  we had to rely on the frozen green beans from trader joes which is cheap but definitely not as good.

but!!  costco finally had them yesterday!  hip hip hooray!  i had to have them!  jason told me that when i vanished from his sight (he was looking at something else) he KNEW i would be in the refrigerated section looking for green beans.  we had some with dinner tonight.  yum! 🙂

we also bought some mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, which costco only carries during the holiday seasons.  it’s actually quite yummy, not too salty and the right consistency.  jason and i are going to bake a turkey sometime and now i don’t have to make gravy!  yay!


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