happy birthday!

9 Nov

happy birthday to mozilla firefox!  today you are 6 (so young, yet i feel as i’ve known you forever) and i still love browsing the interwebs on you.  i have NOT and will not abandon you to go over to google chrome.  i still install you on everyone’s computer and even though sometimes things don’t load correctly on firefox, i blame it on the website and not on you. 🙂

jason and i bought a new little lcd tv (actually a wide screen monitor with a tv tuner)!  it’s only 23inches but the picture is amazing because it’s 1080p.  we put it on the dresser in our bedroom because i’ve been wanting to get a second tv for like, years but there was no place for it in our old condo.  now when jason is “studying” in the living room, i can go watch tv in the bedroom without feeling like i’m disturbing him!

yes, it’s exciting. 🙂


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