10 Nov

This is Jason posting.

We’ve been using Aquafresh for awhile now.  I’ve always liked aquafresh toothpaste since I was young.  I loved the way it was so colorful!  Plus I didn’t like the taste of the other brands of toothpaste.  Still, money wins all.  But whenever aquafresh is on sale, I’d prefer to get that. =D Recently we opened up a tube of Aquafresh extreme clean: deep action toothpaste.  We thought it would be the usual.  Oh man, were we totally wrong.  The wifey told me that the toothpaste was making her gag.  Strange.  I used it… and it had a strange taste.  It was kina herby…it spread throughout my mouth…tasted like… Ricola!!! OMG! Why does our toothpaste taste like Ricola?!  Ugh, no wonder the wifey didn’t like this toothpaste.  Who would?  I mean… do you really want Ricola tasting toothpaste when you were expecting Aquafresh?  Yeah.  NG!  Still, we had faith in Aquafresh so we bought the big pack from Costco.  We’ve already tried it out before in Torrance so we knew that was safe.  Now the wifey is happy with her Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste while I will use up the Ricola/Aquafresh toothpaste.  Hm.  Too bad we bought the big tube…


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