google reads…

11 Nov

my google reader is really starting to get out of control.

i subscribe to sooo many blogs and the list only gets larger… and most of the time i don’t even read everything because i really don’t care about ipad applications (only because i don’t have one, hint hint jason) or people whining/moaning about jcrew.  i really wish google reader had the same function as gmail, where you can click all unread and delete what you don’t want to read.

today i decided to clean up my subscriptions and organize them better (ie, add more folders).  oh and delete subscriptions to things that i just always end up “mark all as read” or blogs that haven’t been updated in like, a year.  unfortunately i feel like i’m fighting a losing battle, because i’m always adding subscriptions instead of deleting them (unless the blog just becomes REALLY annoying/lame).


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