Thai Garlic Chicken

15 Nov

This is Jason posting.

Today we cooked lots for dinner!  The wifey has been wanting to try to make Thai garlic chicken.  So today we made it!  I cut up the chicken and we chopped all the veggies that went with it.  We also made mongolian lamb.  It’s basically mongolian beef with lamb instead of beef.  The wifey chopped up some cabbage and carrots to go with the chicken.  We smashed some garlic and minced some garlic for the dish.  I think it turned out yummy!  Unfortunately, I did not chop enough garlic for the dish.  I think I cut up too much chicken!  Next time, I will chop more garlic because we both love the garlicky taste of the dish.  It’s the star!  The mongolian lamb was yummy per usual.  The wifey added a twist by cooking it with some green bell peppers.  It was yum!  We also cooked some fried rice with the heirloom tomato we got last week.  I got to say, even though I am not a fan of cooked tomatoes, the heirloom tomato was quite delicious in the fried rice.  My wife is amazing.  =D  I’m lucky to be able to eat such good food.  I love you lots!  Move than… Lando loves veggies!  Heh, Lando was sitting all cute and prim while we were chopping veggies.  He is so adorable!


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