19 Nov

This is Jason posting.

It’s almost Thanksgiving!  It’s all coming so fast! =D  Of course Thanksgiving equals turkey! YUM!  We are going to attempt to roast our own turkey this year.  We’ve always wanted to try it out so we went and got a 10-11lb Butterball from Vons.  Hmm, I can almost taste it already.  Heh.  We decided to brine the turkey because that’s just the way it goes.  Brining makes the turkey moist and succulent.  So we looked up pioneer woman’s recipe for a turkey brine and used it.  I think this will be the first time I am cooking with bay leaves.  It’s exciting!  I hope the turkey turns out super yummy and not salty.  Apparently the frozen turkeys come with a salty solution already.  It should be ok though.  I have a super wifey who can do wonders in the kitchen. =D I’m looking forward to this weekend!  Especially Harry Potter 7!  Whee!


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