22 Nov

it’s not often that i would re-blog something that jason already wrote about, but i really have to reiterate  HOW BAD m. night shyamalan’s live action “the last airbender” is.  it’s so bad that i can’t even stop thinking about how bad it is.  i don’t understand how he could take something so awesome, that so many people looked forward to, and make it all disjointed and confusing and horrible.  like really, i’m not only highly disturbed and puzzled by HOW BAD THIS MOVIE IS, i can’t even wrap my head around HOW it got this bad.

the script writing was terrible, punctuated by random pauses in dialogue, unnecessary and often repetitive lines, and weird pronunciations of names that avatar fans know and love.  i admit, i basically spent the entire movie saying “AANG!”, “I-ROH!”, “SOCK-A!!” every time those names were spoken.  i’m pretty sure that i would have preferred the movie without dialogue.

i’m so ridiculously disappointed that i’m not sure how i will recover from this.

i think it’s time to re-watch the cartoon series.


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