The Last Airbender

22 Nov

This is Jason posting.

We finally got to watch The Last Airbender today. Hm. What can we say?  Oh man, it was terrible!  As movies go, it was pretty bad.  The scenes did not flow together very well.  It jumped and kept jumping throughout the movie.  I think it got a little better towards the end but… yeah.  The dialogues… oh man.  I mean, I understand this movie can’t be like the animation.  But at least they can pronounce the same words?  Or names?!  Come on!  Iroh was pronounced E-roh?  What?  Aang was pronounced aan?  What?!  It’s not that hard!  Watch the animation!  It got to the point where we decided the movie was better with dialogue.  =\  Quite sad.  We both did like the background.  The world was presented well.  I liked the special effects and I liked some of the grand scenes with bending.  It was neat on that account.  Still, there were some misses like Zuko’s scar.  Iroh’s character was the best portrayed.  Though the person who plays Azula is quite scary looking.  Yeah.  I don’t know if they will get enough money to finish the series movie-wise.  Not up to par with the rest of your stuff M. Night Shyamalan.  There is a lot of stuff to fit in from season 1 of the animation but perhaps it would have been better to redo it.  The wifey wondered how awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender would be as a Chinese mini-drama.  That will be cool huh?


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