Turkey Part 2

24 Nov

This is Jason posting.

On Sunday we set ourselves to roasting a turkey!  It’s our first turkey ever!  We used pioneer woman’s directions to roast the turkey with a twist.  We used an oven bag for the turkey instead of foil.  Then we used a compound butter.  We put in garlic, green onion, rosemary and thyme.  After about 100 minutes, we took the turkey out of the oven and rubbed the compound butter all over it.  The turkey was starting to smell quite yummy.  I didn’t really know where to stick the thermometer probe.  Pioneer woman said to stick the probe in the thigh near the hip bone.  I wasn’t too sure where that was so I just stuck it in the thigh.  I set the temperature to 170 and we stuck it in.  I took out the turkey after 30 minutes to bast it but there wasn’t any liquid on the bottom of the pan.  It kind of all evaporated. =\  Perhaps the oven was too high?  We turned it down a notch.  Then we started to make the dressing.  I started to get worried when the temperature on the thermometer wasn’t rising at a steady rate.  Perhaps I stuck the probe in the wrong place?  I tried another spot.  Then another.  I was kind of worried because the skin on top was getting too brown.  Then I stuck the probe into the breast.  The temperature rose to 165.  Then I stuck it deeper and the temperature dropped down.  I’m so confused!  The wifey just told me to take it out.  I stuck it back in for another 20 minutes then took it out.  I was afraid to have undercooked turkey.  The wifey was worried that I would end up overcooking the turkey.  I set it out to rest and carved into it.  At first the breast looked overdone to me.  After we ate the breast wasn’t too dry.  Perhaps that was due to the brine.  The brine gave the turkey a yummy flavor!  It turned out that the meat on top was more done compared to the bottom of the turkey.  I think overall I ended up overcooking the turkey by a little bit…but it was still moist and yummy.  Next time, I will make sure I stick the probe in the right place.  =D A little underdone can always be microwaved I guess.  Not bad for the first time! =D I think we’ll definitely re-use the brine!


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