happy thanksgiving!

25 Nov

it’s turkey day and the jamars have lots to be thankful for.

mrsjamar is thankful for…

our new condo with awesome sunlight and happy feelings.  my jason who is often grumpy but i can’t imagine a single day without him.  my silly lando who brings such joy to our lives.  having a job, even though sap sucks.  my best friends who i always love hanging out with.  my family that is so random and loving and entertaining.  the SMART people that i know.  discovering new things; i love that every day can be an adventure.  i am also thankful for my iphone, the sales rack at anthropologie, fake LV purses, clean skin, and soy lattes. 🙂

mrjamar is thankful for…

a loving wifey who still loves me even though i am a bum.  continuing with my education so i can pursue my teaching career.  my iphone and audiobooks.  all the yummy ramen we discovered this year.  being able to go to cayman islands and holding sea turtles and seeing cuttlefish.  discovering super yummy st supery moscato wine.  being able to grow plants (bell peppers, thyme, rosemary, basil) because our condo actually has sunlight.  lando and his continued cute antics and behavior.  having such a great in-law family.  and for food. 🙂


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