Caught in the rain

28 Nov

This is Jason posting.

Today we took a family trip over to Disneyland.  We haven’t been there since April.  Philip drove us and we went to pick up Jessica.  Philip and Jessica brought the four of us (me, wifey and the in-laws) so we all saved a bunch of money!  We went on a few of the rides while keeping an eye out for Kobe.  Apparently Jessica told us that he was in the park today.  Philip got really excited. =D  We rode haunted mansion, it’s a small world, alice in wonderland, peter pan and soaring over California.  We loved all the Christmas decoration that was everywhere in the park.  It was great!  We also saw some really neat Mickey mouse ornaments.  Too bad they were so expensive!  Maybe next time… =D  We went in the afternoon so Jessica could join us on our outing.  By the time we finished the last ride, it was around 8pm.  Once we got out of Soaring, we discovered it was raining!  What?!  We did not expect this so all of us were caught without umbrellas.  Oh well, it’s just a little rain right?  We walked over to Boudin’s and got some clam chowder since it has been such a cold day!  Windy too.  We sat to eat and wait until it was time for the World of Colors show to begin.  Unfortunately the rain really started to come down while we ate.  It was just too much so we decided to rush to the tram to go home.  Suffice it to say, we got wet and we had to wait a long time to ride the tram back.  Yesh!  Still, it was an adventurous day out at Disneyland.  Too bad the annual passes are so expensive.  It’s still a great place to visit.


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