29 Nov

have i raved about how much i love my boscia facial cleanser?  the purifying gel cleanser is so awesome!  it smells good, foams really nicely, and a little goes a long way.  i’m a bit more than 3 months into my bottle and i haven’t even used up half of it yet!

anyways, i love the cleanser so much that i recently “upgraded” moisturizers to boscia vital daily moisturizer.  it is (also) absolutely wonderful and i highly recommend it, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin like mine.  it applies really easily, leaves my face feeling silky smooth/protected all day, and yet the formula is really light and not harsh or greasy at all.  my face usually just HURTS during the winter because the cold/dry combo is killer and i have to slather on moisturizer constantly.  but ever since i started using the boscia vital daily moisturizer, i haven’t noticed any hurting at all!  so, i super love it!  🙂  my only complaint is how dang expensive it is.  1.4 ounces is $36.  $36!!!  it’s like i’m just applying money to my face and the chinese cheapness in me is aghast at my audacity.  last week i started blending it with my tinted moisturizer in the morning to make it last longer but i think i’m just being silly.  and tinted moisturizer isn’t cheap either, though i’ve been lucky enough though to pick it up whenever it’s on sale at (i use stila’s illuminating tinted moisturizer).

and my cheapy oil of olay night cream is running out.  i’ve been considering switching to boscia’s night cream since i’ve had such overwhelming success with their cleanser and day moisturizer but it’s even MORE expensive ($44 for 1.4 ounces).  wtf.  and i usually go through night cream at an insane rate.  rawr.


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