Working at Sony

30 Nov

This is Jason posting.

Monday was my first day on the job at Sony!  The wifey was terrific and got me a temp gig at Sony.  =D It’s my first step into the world of Logistics.  Oh man, it’s full of mouse clicking, tabbing between multiple windows and lots of spreadsheets!  So many numbers!  I think I might go crazy after a few days of gazing at these numbers.  At least I’ll be able to take breaks and go visit the wifey. =D  There’s 4 other temp workers with me.  They are all older ladies.  I’m the only guy and the youngest of the group.  We had a full day of training Monday followed by another day of training Tuesday.  We won’t receive our laptops until Tuesday.  Apparently we have a conference room booked all of next week so we can all work together in one room!  Oh boy!  The work doesn’t seem hard to do for now.  There is just some basic procedures to follow.  There are a lot of little things to keep in mind but I am taking careful notes.  I won’t really fully learn it until I start doing it but I’m confident I can do it.  Apparently it is going to last one month.  I hope it can last longer… we’ll see!  I am looking forward to being at work with the wifey! She will be steps away!  Alas, poor lando!  He will be home alone again!  I guess more sleepy time for him?


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