3 Dec

so in my google search for awesome night creams that cater to dry, sensitive skin, i decided to expand my search to include some japanese “drug store” brands, which i luckily have quick access to due to the multitudes of japanese grocery stores around the san diego area.

ok, i’m getting on my soap box now.  from my experience, japanese drug store cosmetics aren’t like their cheapy american counterparts and are much better quality, often equal to or better than what we consider “prestige” cosmetics in the US.  in fact, shiseido is one of the brands that you can often find at a japanese grocery store and that’s exactly where i go to buy my shampoo.

anyways!  in my googling, i discovered sana hadanomy collagen cream, which boasts to give your skin a lasting “moist” feeling.  it’s also loaded with 1000mg of collagen, but i’ve read that you can’t really absorb collagen through the skin so that’s sort of useless.  (i also found kracie deep moist cream, which i read is pretty amazing, but is about 3 times more expensive.  i may still try it later on though.)

and yes, the container really is that pink.  i’ve been using it the past few nights and even though i haven’t really decided if i love it or not, i do have to say that it definitely does what it advertises.  my face feels SO “moist” after i apply it, that it almost feels like i still have water dripping on my face.  if you know me and my dry crappy skin, this is actually a super plus.  i often say that i’m drying out and that i wish i could just sit in a tub of water/lotion all day.  with hadanomy, it really feels like i’m coated in moisture.  it also smells pretty good to me, both rosy and citrusy (which is more than i can say for fresh soy face cream, which smells gross to me).

i’ll have to wait until i’ve used it longer though to report long term effects such as softness and smoothness.  i am, however, excited to keep using it. 🙂


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