sleeping with the dog.

6 Dec

since it has been so cold at night lately, we’ve tricked lando into sleeping with us to help keep us warm.  meaning, we stole his bed and hid it in the other room so he has no choice but to sleep on our bed at night.  he’s like a little furnace and instantly makes our bed warm and cozy.  🙂

i mean, he used to sleep with me every night before jason and i got married.  and then he stopped.  i was never sure why, maybe because jason sometimes thrashes in his sleep or something?  but i missed it and i always try to make him sleep with me again.  i would scratch his little head as we’re falling asleep but i always felt him jump off and go to his own bed later in the night.

so it has been a few weeks since we hid his bed, but every night as i fall asleep i wonder, are we being super mean, making him sleep with us??


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