how i can be pretty fail sometimes, or how i did not think this through.

7 Dec

a few weeks ago i saw a tutorial for a fanned gift box topper that was a bunch of circles folded in half and glued together.  such an easy peasy craft, and i thought, hey i could make a garland for our (upcoming) christmas tree by converting this method.  i still have tons of leftover paper from our wedding and it would be a fun way to incorporate color on our tree, since we only have like, 12 ornaments.

fast forward to sunday.  we were supposed to get our tree but hung out with friends instead.  after we got home, i decided to start making the garland, thinking it wouldn’t take very long.  punch punch punch, fold fold fold.

seriously, DIY fail.  i so did not think this through.  it takes 6 folded circles to make ONE poof.  and my circle punch, left over from our wedding, makes little circles.  folding little circles in half, requires much more precision.  gluing little folded circles together, requires much more dexterity.  the lasting result is that my right arm totally hurts, and in like 3 hours i’ve only made like, 12 little poofs.  this is pretty much going to take forever.

first of all, why oh why did i not start this craft earlier?  and why oh why did i not realized that it would take forever to make?  i am so fail.  but i will keep making these dang poofs so jason and i can have a pretty garland to go around our beautiful  6 foot tall tree.  that we picked out yesterday from home depot and drove home with it hanging out of the back window of our little car.

the garland will just be um, shorter than i had anticipated.  🙂


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