13 Dec

i’m completely fail when i’m distracted.  i start doing things without paying attention or out of order.   i think i haven’t been sleeping enough or something, but i was super distracted today!  i couldn’t focus on my work and my brain was just like, bleh. people would ask me stuff and my eyes would just like, glaze over.

it didn’t improve when i got home, either!  i completely messed up my nightly routine.   during my shower i dropped the soap somehow and then i had to think about where i was in my shower order (i’m very specific: shampoo, soap, rinse.  condition, clarisonic, rinse).  then when i got out of the shower, instead of moisturizing and putting on my night cream, somehow i decided i needed to take off my contacts.  and then i put both of them in the same side of the contact case.  wow, complete fail!  then i started doing other things (painting pine cones) and my face started feeling dry.  i was like hrm, how weird and then realized i had forgotten to put on night cream.

what a bleh day.

also, i’m really doomed when it comes to the “everything i love gets discontinued.”  add to the already extensive list… my grapeseed lip butter from the body shop, two types of downy fabric softener, my favorite dryer sheets, and my shampoo/conditioner scent changed randomly.  rawr.


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