End of class!

17 Dec

This is Jason posting.

I have finished my first two classes at Brandman! Finally! Ugh, the last couple of weeks were killer.  I have never had to write so much stuff for a class before.  I’ve been spending time after work in bed writing up homework while keeping the wifey up.  I’ve been giving up sleep so I can finish my assignments!  Finally I am done!  =D Whee!  It feels good to be done! And.. hopefully I got A’s.  I’ll see in a few weeks.  Man, I knew that learning to be a teacher would be tough.  All this writing is tough.  I think I am starting to get used to it.  Writing has always been something arduous for me.  Just lots more classes to go. O_O Haha. Time to spend time with the wifey without homework at night! Thanks for supporting me!


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