The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

18 Dec

This is Jason posting.

We had a movie night tonight!  It was the first time that we watched a blu-ray on our tv!  It was awesome!  We finally utilized the full potential of our tv and our blu-ray player.  It had amazing quality and the picture was pretty neat to watch.  Anyway! On to the movie! I enjoyed the movie from beginning to end.  It was a fun movie to watch, especially with all the nods to Fantasia.  I also enjoyed how they meshed up wizardry lore from different cultures.  I liked how they made magic more scientific.  The uses of Tesla coils, electricity and plasma.  Neat!  The dialogue wasn’t bad.  The cutest scene was when the wolves changed into puppies.  The puppies were really adorable!  I enjoyed all the acting except perhaps Nicholas Cage’s performance.  His acting was good.  It’s just that I finally noticed that the way he speaks is the same in any of the movies that he is in.  His intonations and inflections do not change.  The wifey had already picked up on that and that is one of the reasons she does not enjoy watching his acting.  It does take away from his character.  I wonder who could have been a better sorcerer in the movie?  It’ll be interesting to see the sequel.  More neat magic effects mixed with science! Go nerds!


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