Smoke Detector: The End?

20 Dec

This is Jason posting.

This is another post about our lovely smoke detector that is out of reach.  It is a good 15′ from the floor because for some reason, the smoke detector is just located that high off the floor.  We cannot reach it without a ladder.  It really, really blows.  Why?  The smoke detector goes off while I boil pasta.  It goes off while we have hot pot.  It goes off when I cook!  I would keep the living room window open except it is dang cold outside.  Plus that doesn’t really help either!  The smoke detector still goes off!  And what makes it really frustrating is that it’s extremely loud!  The place where it is located is at the right acoustic location to make the beep really loud and echo-y.  Ugh, I hate it.  We tried using a fan today to blow at it.  It worked while we ate.  It did not work when I was boiling pasta for lunch.  So I decided to take out the battery! Temporarily of course.  We moved the dining table underneath.  Then we used the step ladder.  This allowed me to barely reach the battery.  Thank goodness it did not have its own backup power source.  This smoke detector is an older model.  No more beeps while we eat or cook! FINALLY! I had to resist the urge to take a hammer and pound it into oblivion.  It was quite hard to resist.  Gr!

What really boggles the mind is that there is another smoke detector in the hallway located not 10′ away.  This detector has never gone off while the one located up high always goes off. O_O  Stupid contraption.  I know you are important but be smarter dang it!


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