a christmas wishlist.

21 Dec

dear jason, who has not bought me a present yet.

for christmas i would like…

1.  SAP to work properly.  yup.  i don’t think that needs much explanation but i’m pretty sure it’s impossible.  but aim high, guess.

2.  a vacation.  to bora bora.  soon.  yup.

3.  a pomeranian puppy.  oh wait, i already have a lando.  but aren’t they adorable?? 🙂

4.  an ipad.

5.  a pretty bracelet.

6.  apple tv!  fancy.  🙂

7.  this awesome multi-tasking clutch/wallet/purse from anthropologie.

8.  gleena cups.

9.  a camera bag to swoon for.

10.  the equally awesome crumpler camera strap.

11.  these little tiny lenses for my iphone.  although i would probably just wear them on a necklace. 🙂

12.  fancy scrabble.

ok, this list if long enough.  but here’s another picture of bora bora to convince you that we should go here.  asap.  🙂


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