25 Dec

This is Jason posting.

I have officially shucked an oyster!  Well, several in fact!  It is so much harder than seen on tv.  Man.  These oysters can really clam up!  One of the dinner guests brought live oysters for us to eat during dinner.  It was pretty exciting to think that we’ll finally get to taste raw oyster on the half shell.  Then came the preparation.  The oysters were rather large.  The first knife I used was kinda thin.  It wasn’t really suited for the purpose of forcing open the shell.  The wifey gave some direction and I proceeded to use them.  I was suppose to force my knife in through a crack and then wiggle it around to open the shell.  So that’s what I did!  I realized that I had to wiggle it and cut the oyster from its muscle that was shutting up the shells.  Once that happened, it was easy to pry open the shell.  The wifey gave me a thicker knife to use and it was much easier to shuck after that.  It really does take some practice to get it down just right.  The first couple I had were really mutilated but the last few were nearly whole.  I also had to hold the oyster right so that I would cut the oyster into the dipped shell part.  It was interesting!  Definitely work!

The taste of oyster. Hm.  It is very unique.  I thought it would be slimy but it wasn’t.  It was very smooth.  The flavor filled my mouth.  It gave a deep sense of the ocean.  There is definitely a briny taste but it wasn’t too bad.  The briny taste was like clams but urm..richer?  I can see why people eat raw oysters with some type of  acidic sauce.  I will have to try it next time.  I didn’t dislike the taste but I didn’t really fall in love with it.  Perhaps I just need to eat it with the right sauce.  I’ll definitely try it again.  The raw oyster on the half shell does look a bit intimidating.  Very neat culinary experience!


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