solving crimes

27 Dec

i realized that almost all of the shows that i watch on tv are some sort of crime solving drama.  criminal minds, csi, ncis, psych.  they’re just so much more interesting!  i’m not sure if that’s sad or weird.

and all the games i like to play are also puzzle or strategy related.  tetris, mahjong, catan, sudoku, etc.  also weird.

most people watch tv or play games so they can zone out and relax.  for me, solving puzzles and figuring stuff out is relaxing to me.  i thrive on problem solving!  it’s funny because work has been super crazy lately with tons of problems due to sap.  most people are like rawr how annoying etc etc.  me?  i’m like ok let’s figure this out!  we have to do this this and this.

i’m a masochist, clearly.


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