Movie Magic

29 Dec

This is Jason posting.

I watched lots of tv during the summers when I was young.  Actually, I think I just watched a lot of tv in general until high school.  I saw lots of movies on the tube.  I loved watching these interesting movies that show adventure and fantastical things.  Back to the Future parts 1 to 3 were just cool.  Time travel? Yeah! Deloreans? The doors flip up! I thought it was cool.  Indiana Jones?  Who wouldn’t love to explore ancient runes and discover treasure?  Also gotta crack that whip! Ha! I also enjoyed fantasy movies like Willow.  I watched sci-fi movies like planet of the Apes.  Flying through space would have been amazing.  Star Trek?  Find alien planets or discover space anomalies?  Neat!  I would just be transported into what I was watching and let me imagination fly.  I love that part of watching movies and shows.  That movie magic is pretty amazing.  These days it is harder to find movies that really transport the viewer into imagination.  That’s what I love.  Don’t you?


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