Dinner with Family

30 Dec

This is Jason posting.

Tonight I got the chance to have dinner with my dad and stepmom.  I haven’t seen them in a couple of years I think.  Basically since they moved to Merced I have not seen them.  Merced is so out of the way from any place that the wifey and I would visit in NorCal that we just haven’t made the effort. Yeah, I’m a bad son.  I do call….or I let my dad call. =D  Anyway.  We had issues deciding on a restaurant but finally settled on Mimi’s Cafe.  Apparently my dad and stepmom frequent this restaurant.  My stepmom likes to order their meatloaf while my dad gets the jambalaya.  He likes jambalaya?  Weird! I never know what to order at Mimi’s Cafe.  There is one dish that the wifey and I do like which is the spinach and artichoke dip.  We were even there for the happy hour discount of $2 off appetizers!  Unfortunately they ran out of the dip. O_o So strange.  Eventually I ordered their honey dijon salmon meal with french onion soup and beignets for dessert.  The wifey got this chicken spaghetti with french onion soup and caramel apple crisp with ice cream scoop!  Well, everyone got french onion soup except for Jimmy.  He got broccoli and cheddar. Oh, guess what else Mimi’s ran out of? Meatloaf and mushrooms.  Yes, weird.  Stepmom got the mahi mahi meal instead.  Anyway.  It was a good dinner with random topics.  We had a good time.  It was very nice actually. My dad seems older and skinnier but healthy looking.  It was good.  In the end we all had a talk about Jimmy. Hahah.  That was pretty fun. =D


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