bella cries wolf.

4 Jan

bella is hilarious.  whenever she’s in trouble, instead of slinking away in guilt like lando does, she’ll start howling like she’s injured or someone hurt her, even though NO ONE IS TOUCHING HER!  it’s like she’s protesting her guilt.  during the winter holidays we witnessed it twice!  it was pretty funny. 🙂

today we bought a mega millions lotto ticket since the jackpot was $355 million!  we dropped by the gas station after work and i picked out some numbers.  unfortunately we only matched 2 of the winning numbers, which wins us nothing. 😦  but i guess 2 numbers out of 6 is still pretty good, yah?

if no one wins the jackpot, we’ll go buy another ticket!  maybe if we win some money i can finally pay off my student loans!  🙂


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