Never Say Never!

8 Jan

Today we saw Tangled in theaters.  It was better than I thought it would be.  Nice job Disney!  I really enjoyed the movie.  It made me laugh and it made my wife cry. =D I also loved the chameleon character, Pascal.  But that is not for this post.  Rather the previews really struck me today.  Well, one in particular.  Apparently there will be a movie titled, “Never Say Never,” coming out soon.  Wait for it.  It’s about… Justin Bieber!  OMG. Really?  He is going to have a movie about his rise to fame?  He must be more famous than I thought!  He is talented.  They showed a home video of young Justin beating out a rhythm on a chair with his hands.  Very impressive at that age.  Heck, there are some people I know at my age who can’t do that!  Still, a movie?  I guess they want to satisfy the fans… and make more money off of him.  How old is he?  16? 17?  Dang.  I want my own movie! Well, maybe not.  It’d be boring and earn the worst movie of the year. I’d only have 1 and 1/2 fans.  My wife and my dog. Ha!


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