tangled with love.

8 Jan

today stella and janet accompanied me to finally watch disney’s tangled!  they’ve both seen it already but loved it so much that they insisted that i had to go and see it too.  good thing we made a hang out date to watch it and eat lunch, otherwise i definitely would not have gone as i don’t particularly enjoy watching movies in the theater.

i liked it, as they knew i would.  i thought that it was a cute and quirky take on the rapunzel story and the animation was so bright and beautiful!  the story, though random, was definitely sweet and romantic.  and pascal is so adorable!  i loved how he expressed himself with his coloration and little hands.

then we had lunch at cheesecake factory!  for some reason i always enjoy going there even though i know that their food is salt laden and sometimes inconsistent.  i tried a new menu item today, the chicken bellagio, which is on their “special menu.”  it’s basically breaded chicken on a bed of pesto pasta topped with arugula and a slice of prosciutto.  yum!  and cheap, only $12.95 compared to what i usually get, the chicken madeira, which is $16.95.  we also ordered a slice of cheesecake for dessert, the white chocolate caramel macadamia nut, which i had never tried before.  i love having lunch with stella and janet cause i always get to try out random things!  when jason and i eat out, we usually stick to what we know and try not to be adventurous.

we’re so boring. 🙂


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