grrr pc.

11 Jan

the longer i use my macbook the more i love it and wish everything was just as streamlined. i’m reaching the point where when i come to work and use my pc i get irritated at things like how long it takes to start up or how cluttered the taskbar gets.


in other news, iphone launched on verizon today! how exciting…. not really. i used verizon for a couple of years and i remember loving that i would never lose reception on my calls, since ucsd apparently was a black hole for every other major carrier. however, i really don’t think at&t is all that bad. sure i drop a call every once in a while, but does it really take that much effort to call a person back? anyways, the data/voice limitation from verizon seems a bit… awkward. so we shall see how wonderful it really is. i’m actually not so secretly hoping that enough at&t customers jump ship that it makes our network a bit faster. šŸ™‚


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