but i ordered room service!

12 Jan

lately we’ve settled into a pretty good bedtime routine.  i shower while jason walks lando, and then he showers after he gets back.  jason brings lando and his food/water dishes into the bedroom and so lando can eat while i do my nighttime face stuff.  because my dog is crazy and will only eat if someone is with him.

today we were thrown off our routine because we went out for dinner with my visiting boss.  jason walked lando but i hadn’t showered yet because i was working on other stuff, so jason was going to shower first.  jason got his towel ready and hung up his work clothes when we saw lando sitting and waiting patiently in front of the space where jason usually puts his food/water dishes.  so cute!  he kept looking at us like where’s my room service??  jason didn’t really know what lando was doing so i postulated that lando was waiting for his food, so he went over to bring it into our room.  when he set it down, lando immediately started eating.  i guess dogs really do love routines!

anyways!  today we went to a “new” restaurant in rancho bernardo called urge gastropub with melvin.  it serves like, 50 different types of beer or something and takes on british pub food as well as burgers and stuff.  it even had welsh rarebit on the menu!  i got a burger and jason got bangers & mash.  we both got a “taste” of beer (we tried different belgian ales), which is like, the smallest glass of beer possible.  it was fun!  we’ll definitely go back. 🙂


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