or </3.

14 Jan

jason:  “omg!! valentine’s day is in one month!  i have to figure out what to do!!”

yes my dear husband.  valentine’s day is in a month.  that’s why i reminded you last month and told you that it was okay for you to not buy me anything for christmas.  AND you have class that night, so i highly doubt we’ll actually do anything.  so if you’d like, we can postpone valentine’s day until… our 3 year wedding anniversary.

which is in two and a half months.

so you don’t need to do anything for valentine’s day.

because you KNOW what i have my eye on and what i fully expect to have in my grubby little hands by march 29th.  (or “there will be no divorce, just an unexplained death,” to quote someone else’s wife.  just kidding.)


ok go.


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