would you like to live…

17 Jan

in mira mesa??

jace and i helped janet move on saturday.  she had to move because, long story short, her landlord is dumb.  notice, i refrained from using the word stupid or idiot.  anyways, luckily she was able to find people to live with on short notice and her new place is gigantic!!  her backyard even has a jacuzzi and a picnic table.  i had never really looked into mira mesa as a possible place to buy a house in, but i’ve changed my mind.  the houses around mira mesa are not only big (mostly 3-4 bedroom places), but they are on huuuuuge lots (like, 5400-6000 square feet).  so much potential for add-ons and remodeling!

i’m excited because a quick search on redfin.com has assured me that a nice big house in mira mesa is completely affordable for our income.  so i guess the plan is… everyone (stella, janet, me) buy a house in mira mesa a few blocks away from each other and we can hang out all the time!  just kidding. 🙂

but yay, more house searchings!


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