Knight and Day

20 Jan

We got to watch this on blu-ray the other night.  The wifey heard good reviews so we decided to pick it up from Blockbusters.  It was a pretty good action film, better than I thought it would be.  The story was well written and there wasn’t any loose ends that they forgot to tie off.  Some of it was definitely cheesy and unbelievable but that’s movie magic for you.  I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of advanced romance scenes between the two main characters.  It was nice that they did not detract from the story by showing those types of scenes.  I enjoyed Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise in this film.  I had one weird thought when I watched the film.  The boots that Cameron Diaz’s character worn in the film was pretty cute.  This is the influence of the wifey who had been looking at boots during the winter season.  I blame you for wiring my brain to notice these girlie things.  There were some subtle humor thrown in to keep the film on a lighter tone.  I loved the island scene, gorgeous!  What a great vacation spot that would be! I enjoyed all the different locations the film showed.  I find myself noticing things like architecture and design in films now.  I think this is another influence of the wifey.  Anyway, the pace of the movie is good.  There is lots of action and some great chase scenes.  I think that part where June Haven was shooting the machine gun was pretty hilarious.  Roy had to perform some crazy acrobatic feats to avoid being shot by his companion.  Haha! Overall, definitely worth renting.


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