Stolen Chair!

25 Jan

I came into work this morning and immediately noticed something.  My chair color was red.  Red?  Hey, my chair color was black!  Oh noes! Someone stole my chair and replaced it!!! O_O WTF?!  I looked around but could not find my chair.  <sniff>  I saw on the red chair and it was alright.  Not as comfortable.  The arm rests do not adjust.  Dang it!  I went to look around again, hoping to spot my old chair.  NG.  I saw again on the red chair and preceded to sink.  The chair sinks!!! Nooo! Or maybe I got fat.  <sigh>  So I ended up switching my chair with another chair without arm rests.  At least it won’t sink on me anymore!  Gr! Chair stealer!  I will mark my chair from now on!  Well, at my new position anyway.  HA!


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