leftover chicken.

28 Jan

jason and i REALLY need to go grocery shopping.  we’re like basically out of food.  except for meat, which we have in the freezer.  lately it’s been super hard to find the time to go grocery shopping outside of the weekend.  jason has class mondays and tuesdays until this session ends (in four weeks!  i’m counting down the days…) and i’ve been working a lot AND i’m sort of sick.  anyways, all of this added up to “we ran out of food” on tuesday.  a quick scrounge of our pantry turned up few possibilities (hamburger or tuna helper, which we always try to keep a couple on hand in times like this.  japanese curry, but we had no veggies available).  we had some chicken defrosting in the fridge but no idea what to make.

so, i decided to be creative.  i salt/peppered and browned the chicken in a mixture of olive oil and butter, but did not cook it all the way through.  i stuck it on a plate and let it rest a bit.  then i infused the leftover oil in the pan with garlic.  i added diced onions, and then the leftover heirloom tomatoes we had in the fridge and stirred in our leftover pizza sauce.  i added some red wine and cooked it down.  then a splash of heavy cream made it heirloom tomato cream sauce!  and then, i added in the chicken and braised it in the oven for an hour at 350 degrees.

random, yes?

but it turned out SO GOOD.  we stirred in some arugula for greens and ate it over pasta.  yum!

although i hate when i do these “leftover” dishes because i end up not being able to recreate it.  oh well.  we’ll enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂


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