more on bella.

4 Feb

bella the crazy dog that is in love with jason never wants to leave our room whenever we’re visiting my parents.  she seriously wants to spend every moment possible with us (jason).  she’ll hide and crawl under things just to stay with us!

and whenever my mom calls for her she grumbles, growls, hides, runs away from her, etc etc.  my mom has to physically take her out of the room and close the door.  i always have to tell her that it’s ok!  we’ll see you in the morning!  we’ll still be here!  and she leaves with the saddest most forlorn look on her face.

and then in the morning bella jumps/scratches at our door for more hanging out/play time.

we had yogurtland today!  we haven’t had froyo in soooo long, it was definitely a treat!  jason and i are always pleasantly surprised at how cheap yogurtland is compared to other places.  i think my favorite is still their classic tart.  yum!  we have to go more often. 🙂


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