Supply Management

5 Feb

I started a new position this week.  I am now learning about supply management and demand.  It’s quite interesting!  I am also learning a lot about excel.  It is amazing the things a pivot table can do! And all these short cuts and wow. So much data to sift through!  It’s crazy!  It seems that I will need to become excel guru in order to do well at my new job.  Ugh.  Well, maybe I can just utilize the wifey who is already an excel guru. =D  I get to work with some knowledgeable and reliable people.  I hope I can contribute!  I also heard a great phrase!  “You stupid cow!”  It’s awesome. =D  I haven’t had much time to go through my e-mail and read my reader.  I feel out of loop with CNN and the food blogs that I follow. It is kind of a weird feeling.  I guess I like knowing what is happening around the world via CNN, even though CNN has some really weird stuff.  Ok, that’s it from me. Back to homework!


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