all alone.

15 Feb

i spent valentine’s day alone!  well not alone, i guess.  i had lando. 🙂

jason took me to blick and little italy on saturday as our pre- “valentine’s day” date because he has class on monday and tuesday nights.  i spent like an hour in the store but chose (rather sadly) to not buy anything because i knew that everything was cheaper online.  but we had yogurtland and walked around little italy.  it was super fun, especially since saturday was such a nice day out!

so for valentine’s day, i was ALL ALONE BY MYSELF CRYING MY EYES OUT (just kidding).   i made rosemary chicken braised over potatoes (which turned out DELICIOUS by the way), watched gilmore girls, and bought art supplies from (there was a free shipping and 20% off coupon!) that i made ample usage of.

i’m so excited and i can’t wait for my stuff to arrive!  i got some smaller sketchbooks since my current sketchbook is GIGANTIC and i never lug it with me anywhere even though i want to (especially on vacations!).  AND i ordered some more watercolor brushes and paper!  i also finally bought some awesome watercolor pencils which i’ve always coveted but never ponied up the cash for, which means that i can do random sketches and then brush them through with water to get that ethereal watercolor quality that i love.

oh and jason finally bought me the moma sky umbrella for my valentine’s day present.  yay!  now if only it would rain…


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