blowing in the wind.

18 Feb

i gave lando a bath yesterday because he was a little stinker!  well not really, but he still needed a bath.  i think the last bath he had was around christmas time, yuck!

anyways, after we toweled him off, i got the blow dryer out because it’s been pretty cold at night lately and i didn’t want to freeze his little bum and let him air dry as he usually does.  he was super cute and enjoyed the hot air immensely!  he turned his little head around and rotated his body so that the blow dryer would hit him at specific spots.  so adorable!

now he smells great and is super soft(er)!  i even used some of my boscia facial cleanser on his face since it’s all natural and foams up really easily, and and i think he liked it a lot more on his face than our regular doggy soap.

oh and there’s a kitty in our complex that loves jason.  it follows him around and even tried to come into our house!  we fed it a bit of lando’s dog food since it was hungry but we’ll probably pick up some cat food the next time we are out in case it visits us again. 🙂

AND i have a three day weekend because my company is crazy and gave us president’s day off for the first time ever (that i know of)!  w000000t!  and i took tuesday afternoon off too, so it’s like a four day weekend, almost.  i’m super excited for my extra day off, even though jason has to work and has class.  not sure what i’m going to do yet, but hopefully i’ll get to hang out with stella and janet.  maybe.  🙂


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